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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vintage Green Baby Doll Dress/ How To!

Hello Ladies,

For those of you who love a little "Valley of the Dolls", have I got a dress for you!

This long, loose, rather tent-like number was languishing in the local thrift store and marked at the whopping price tag of $9.00 (Yes, $9 thrift is expensive to us). Although I loved its mint green tone and the silver threaded pattern, it was just too big and boxy to try to rock. But it had potential...

I decided to try hacking it down into something a little shorter. (Think retro-tennis dress). I measured up my leg and decided to chop about 17". (Here's a tip. Always hem from the bottom up, using pins to mark your points. You'll want to pin from the sides as well as the center).


At this point I tried on the dress but still found it a little boxy, so I lifted up the waist line, folded it over, and stitched it down using pins to anchor it in place. Then I hemmed the bottom of the dress and ironed it gently to get a clean finish.

And we couldn't believe the result. A fun, frisky little number for spring 2011. Imbued with bright, retro color and just a hint of 60's flair!

What's that? You wanna see it? Well, then stay tuned for the big reveal this weekend!

Noa B.


  1. Cute! I'm considering buying a sewing machine soon!


  2. AHHH! The suspense is KILLING me! ;) Can't wait!


  3. Love the new blog; you girls have amazing vision!! Question for us novice sewers (all I can do is curtains and pillow covers so far) do you lift the waist of the dress?? Can't wait to see the reveal!

  4. Hi there,

    An excellent query; I'll try to showcase this better in our reveal to answer your question. :)

  5. Hummmm I want to see the result, please!!!

  6. I'm looking forward to see how it fits on you! Exellent job!

  7. My friend just recommended your blog to me and I LOVE it! (I'm now a follower) I can't wait to see how this dress turns out! :)

    Everything Nonsense

  8. i love this blog♥
    I can't wait. I want to see the result :)