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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Denim Chic

SHS readers, if you've been following my adorable partner Tanya's blog, November Grey you know that nothing makes her happier than stumbling upon a vintage pair of jeans. I've never seen my gal pal light up quite as much as when she finds denim that really looks like it made its first appearance in the mid-70's. As for me, I'm quite content with a thrift pair of jeans that just plays "old". For this look we both made a point to purchase some really great thrift/vintage denim.

Tanya chose these, (found by yours truly for $1 at our local "Out of the Closet" Westside!)They have all the markings of true vintage, from the interior label to the high waist and specific stitching and wash.

I chose my dark blue, high waisted re-sale jeans based on a "Dazed and Confused" aesthetic. Notably, the enlarged bell bottoms coupled with the flat, high waist.  These 8$ babies came from the Council Thrift Store in Manhattan's Upper East side during a holiday sale.

Tanya worked in two vintage purses, both culled from resale outlets and found at various times around the greater Los Angeles area.

We both added our matching Stuart Weitzman clog sandals which Tanya has assured me, "go with everything!"

Our belts were both vintage. Mine, an old Calvin Klein wrap leather sash from the mid-seventies, (a gift from my fashionable mother) and Tanya's, a fabulous, woven number. The blouses were each found at various 1$ madness sales. (See how Tanya wore it in a whole new light here)

The thing about high-waisted, retro jeans is that you have to love and embrace your curves to pull them off. After we threw these on, we headed to Abbot Kinney for a fat slice of pizza and a healthy dose of empowerment. Love your bum, that's what we say!

Noa B.