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Friday, March 18, 2011

Vintage black dress/Didn't need a thing...

Tanya and I love being able to hunt together, and though lately we both have such opposing schedules that it's become a bit of a challenge, we finally managed to get in a "girls day" of thrift store shopping as a team. And did it ever feed our souls!

As luck would have it, we each found something pretty exceptional. Tanya pulled a boxy, 80's leopard dress which we made over, (seen here). I found a one of a kind, black vintage cocktail number that didn't need a single tweak, alteration or button. It was perfection!

Stuffed into a rounder about to burst, I found it hiding amid a sea of polyester.

 It came home with me, along with a few other tasty numbers we'll be featuring in the very near future...

With a few key accessories it was ready for a night out. The boat neck-line was very clean so we added some gold bling to make it pop.

 Some bangles and a pair of bronze chandelier earrings...
 An amazing, vintage leather belt...
...And of course, killer gladiator sandal/heels, via Mr. Charles David.

Shoes - Charles David
Belt - Vintage Oscar De La Renta via thrift
Earrings -Tres Jolie Boutique, by Glenda Lugay, Beverly Hills


  1. The dress is stunning! I wish I could hire you both as my personal shoppers.

  2. the dress looks amazing!! someone else might have seen that dress and thought, nawww won't work for me! but this is proof that with just some amazing accessories this turned into an updated, hot look! you look amazing!


  3. Gorgeous! I feel the itch to do some thrifting now...

  4. Love it!! Great find gals! Styled to perfection too!