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Friday, October 28, 2011

Blue Blazer Makeover!

When Tanya showed me this adorable, albeit dated, Sassoon blazer she'd scored for a buck I was a little skeptical. Yeah, it was cute. But we've both accrued a truckload of retro jackets throughout the summer, and I wanted to see something fun and different. Fortunately Miss T was already one step ahead of me!
She had an idea to cut it higher in the back like a jacket she saw on a favorite blogger here. Different indeed!
When we met for an afternoon of relaxation, (i.e. a mani-pedi) recently, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to do some co designing and brainstorming on how to make this beauty come to life! We've both been so busy, but leave it to us to literally pin the jacket to Tanya's body while waiting for our chairs at the nail salon! (See this post here!)
I took it home and marked the jacket with straights pins and took in the sleeves, the side and back seams, as well as the cuffs, which I shortened by about 2 inches. Tanya's frame is very petite, so the whole jacket had to come in a full dress size all around, but we wanted to maintain the integrity of the pockets so we made sure to cut where they were still functional...

And the result?
 A super cool tailored piece that Tanya unexpectedly wore in a very relaxed and layered way.
 The best part?
 The decision to keep the pockets in front, but raise it higher in the back. A-DOR-able.
And that's how you do a color-blocked, drool-worthy, blue-blazer for a buck!


Noa B

Blazer - $1 Redesign
Black Honeycomb Shell - $1 Thrifted Find
Cargo Jacket - Free People
Silk Gray Pants - Via Buffalo Exchange (Label Unknown)
Shoes - Ash

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Secondhand Star + Model Shakedown Part 2

Here's round two of some of our favorite pics from the shoot. Our photographer, Karri Bowman has a way of capturing the very essence of what our designing and styling is all about.
{It really is all about mixing good shoes and designer pieces with unique ones!}

I'm wearing the redesigned vintage porter shorts (also seen here!) They are my most favorite redesign we've done. I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. I'm also rocking the redesigned gold lapel jacket (see Before & After here!)

Adrienne (below) just killed it in our designs. This gorgeous girl is a model and actress and took each piece to a whole new level by creating a "character" for each one. Noa and I are a bit obsessed with her.
Above, a twice redesigned Nautical Dress (see two other versions of it here!)

See what I mean about nailing it?
Remember when I wore this vintage orange dress here?  I love how Noa styled her in a much more Rock n' Roll way.

{I know we can barely see what Noa's wearing in this shot, but can we please talk about the amazing hair and muscle tone!? Yowza.}

And then there's Bramli... {sigh}
She took my "Pretty in Pink" dress (seen on November Grey here) and made is sultry and naughty somehow. {Maybe it's those eyes...}

It really is all in how you wear it, ladies! Hope you enjoyed the shots! As promised, we will be selling some of our designs, but more importantly, it's all about opening your mind to those all too often "looked over" pieces that can be tweaked and tamed into something amazing.

Remember, if you don't have the master sewing skills (like Miss Noa B) - all you have to find is a good tailor.  {A sultry stare and serious character motivation never hurts either!}

All my love, 

Tanya D xx

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Secondhand Star + Model Shakedown: Part 1

We recently got together with our favorite Secondhand Star photographer, Miss Karri Bowman to shoot some of our latest creations... and let's just say, it was a night we'll never forget. Here's your first peek!
Noa is wearing one of our first redesigns, shown as a tutorial  here on November Grey, and here on SHS. Tanya's little sister, Lisa is wearing the nautical jumpsuit, last seen here.
Adrienne is wearing a thrifted $1 dress worn as a top, and Noa's DIY feather skirt  - see tutorial here!

Lynn is wearing a beaded redesigned top made into a jacket (tutorial coming!) and a thrifted silk skirt.
Tanya is wearing a beaded blue dress redesign (see tutorial here).
Noa is wearing a thrifted jumpsuit tailored to perfection.

Stay tuned for more pix and a blue blazer redesigned tutorial this week!

All hair and makeup by Lisa Dempsey and Noa Bolozky
Photography by Karri Bowman

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Feather Skirt!

Hey Ladies,

Are you as excited as we are about these amazing, holiday, feather skirts that have been seen all over the runway? We love this from little, black gem from ASOS, and this neutral one from Calypso St Barths! So they inspired us to create this season's hottest look with an old, thrift store piece and some fabulous remnants! 

On a thrifting Sunday I found this blah, black mini skirt for a buck. I didn't really care about its appearance other than it being a decent fit, because I was looking for something to use as a building base. I snagged it for a buck and got busy prepping it for a renovation.
I measured and cut about 4 inches from the hem, which was also kind of wavy and dated.
Then, I got down and dirty sorting through some trims. I'm not a pack rat at all. In fact, quite the opposite. However, as luck would have it I had saved some extremely expensive trims from my design days over 15 years ago. Who knew they'd be back again, and so on point with trend?
I had three styles to work with: mixed browns, Indian inspired, and jet black. And I decided to combine all three for two reasons:
First, I didn't have enough for a whole skirt in one tone, and second, the mixture of colors created a more casual feel to the garment. At about 15$ per yard back in the day, I figured, waste not!
So I got busy, and pinned and draped and pinned and stitched!
And the result...? A fall friendly mixture of colors and tones for any occasion
There were so many ways to rock this trend. I loved mixing this skirt with a nubby sweater as well as with a rock and roll t-shirt. But the easiest thing right out of the closet was a basic, black blazer and some booties along with a hat, to give a little Fosse, Broadway appeal. 
As a final touch, in-between the tiers of feathers I added a row of large size sequin discs, and below, a row of black, beaded fringe for some razzle-dazzle.
And there you have it. One trend, one used skirt. One kick ass, holiday bottom. Check us out next week when we reveal our jacket re-vamps and some new love for old items. 


Noa B

Skirt: Thrift 1$
Trims: M&J Trims New York
Jacket: Thrift, 1$
Booties: Dior
Earrings: Re-sale boutique, Manhattan
Fedora: H&M

Friday, October 7, 2011

Chain Gang Vintage Jacket swap!

Well, it's that time of the year again, blog-a-holics! Time for a fashion swap and a chance to win another vintage treasure!
At Secondhand star we are going on our third, (hooray) swap-a-thon. The first for us featured a wraparound skirt found by the brilliant, Belle de Couture. (See here). The second gave away silk pants, (chosen by yours truly, here again). And this is is the best yet! A tribal print jacket chosen by our latest member of the swap team, Devon, from
Each of us has a unique voice when it comes to styling a one-of-a-kind item. I decided to go the whole-hog, and opted for an 80's, giant bow detail.
I'd found this funky, re-sale, designer top in east LA for 3$ and couldn't wait to pair it off with something. The big, floppy bow can be tied in front or worn down the back like a scarf.
The earrings are another, recent, vintage find. They just screamed, "your grandmother's closet-"-but in a good way...
And I actually needed retro shades today as it was blisteringly bright outdoors. These, (again) remind of the maroon colors my mother wore in the late 70's/early 80's...
A pair of black, suede booties and American Apparel riding breeches finished it off. A little eclectic, but hey, fashion is all about risk.
I do love these heels for fall. They've got the new and improved, front tassel/fringe and a decent spike to boot.

Ready for the best part? This very jacket can be yours! Simply head on over and visit Jen at Belle de Couture and enter to win it yourself! So, who's up for some Dynasty re-runs!


Noa B

Jacket: Vintage, (swap via
Shirt: Re-sale
Pants: American Apparel
Booties: NYLA
Earrings: Vintage
Shades: Liz Claiborne