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Thursday, October 20, 2011

DIY Feather Skirt!

Hey Ladies,

Are you as excited as we are about these amazing, holiday, feather skirts that have been seen all over the runway? We love this from little, black gem from ASOS, and this neutral one from Calypso St Barths! So they inspired us to create this season's hottest look with an old, thrift store piece and some fabulous remnants! 

On a thrifting Sunday I found this blah, black mini skirt for a buck. I didn't really care about its appearance other than it being a decent fit, because I was looking for something to use as a building base. I snagged it for a buck and got busy prepping it for a renovation.
I measured and cut about 4 inches from the hem, which was also kind of wavy and dated.
Then, I got down and dirty sorting through some trims. I'm not a pack rat at all. In fact, quite the opposite. However, as luck would have it I had saved some extremely expensive trims from my design days over 15 years ago. Who knew they'd be back again, and so on point with trend?
I had three styles to work with: mixed browns, Indian inspired, and jet black. And I decided to combine all three for two reasons:
First, I didn't have enough for a whole skirt in one tone, and second, the mixture of colors created a more casual feel to the garment. At about 15$ per yard back in the day, I figured, waste not!
So I got busy, and pinned and draped and pinned and stitched!
And the result...? A fall friendly mixture of colors and tones for any occasion
There were so many ways to rock this trend. I loved mixing this skirt with a nubby sweater as well as with a rock and roll t-shirt. But the easiest thing right out of the closet was a basic, black blazer and some booties along with a hat, to give a little Fosse, Broadway appeal. 
As a final touch, in-between the tiers of feathers I added a row of large size sequin discs, and below, a row of black, beaded fringe for some razzle-dazzle.
And there you have it. One trend, one used skirt. One kick ass, holiday bottom. Check us out next week when we reveal our jacket re-vamps and some new love for old items. 


Noa B

Skirt: Thrift 1$
Trims: M&J Trims New York
Jacket: Thrift, 1$
Booties: Dior
Earrings: Re-sale boutique, Manhattan
Fedora: H&M


  1. Good job!! Thanks for sharing will need to try it xo

  2. Whoa, that's neat! I'm afraid that I'm not bold enough to don such a massive amount of feathers anywhere but during a photo shoot, but I'll add it to my to-do DIY list anyways just because of how cool the finished product looks!

  3. That is awesome! If only I could use this somehow for a Halloween costume...but I want one for being fancy, too!

  4. WOW! Totally high fashion fabulous!

  5. Wow!!!! I love your skirt. So amazing!!!

  6. Wow, Noa... seriously, you need to make more of these and sell them on your blog or open an etsy shop! WOW! So phenom!



  7. Thanks Jen! We hope to do so very soon, so stay tuned!XO