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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long lost twins unite!

You know how magazines love to show celebrities stepping out in the same outfit? It's that double shot with a "who wore it better" tag? Well not us! We love to style each other and borrow one another's favorite clothes!
Sure, we may have different modes of fashion, but we do also love a lot of the same things, so it's not surprising that we were both drawn to these nearly identical suit sets found many, many miles apart. (Did you read the story here?)

Tanya loves jumpsuits with a passion that could border on obsession.
While I just adore maxi dresses and sweeping skirts...
We're both fans of the little details in these suits. On mine, the grommets on the empire waist really add pop.
And pairing nautical stripes with pearls is a must for me...
While Tanya kept the accessorizing low-key, so she could wow with her statement red lips and va-va-voom hair. 
And of course we had to re-cut the long-ish sleeves on both finds, into a modern, almost military finish...

But the key always lies in the details... Like this sash that wove through the grommet detail...
And simply showing your own unique and individual way to rock something!
For the love of fashion and friendship, 
Noa B.

Jumper #1: Pantsuit, Out of the Closet, Westwood
Jumper #2: Skirtsuit, Last Chance Thrift, Decatur


  1. You gals look amazing. I love them both. The pant one seems more wearable during the day but the skirted one looks so grand. What great finds.

  2. Oh, I LOVE it!!!! I would wear both of those in a heartbeat. You girls are so creative! :)

    Everything Nonsense

  3. Freaking ob-sessed with this!


  4. Here it is! Sooo much better! This is the most beautiful creation on your blog, so far!

  5. Great outfits! Love them...


  6. My, what a lovely necklace you have there! ;) You gals look great, as usual. xo, Jen