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Monday, April 18, 2011

Neiman Marcus dress: re-design

We featured this diamond in the rough last week to illustrate what a little imagination and a good tailor can do. There was a lot of fabric, and a lot going on. But the print was so good, and the silk was in perfect condition...

...So we took it to our favorite tailor to get some alterations made.

And the result... Voila! A chic new mini with a bright, floral print, just in time for summer.
Chopping off about 22" of this beautiful, yet extremely dated silhouette definitely helped make it current.
And removing the sash, taking in the waist, and adding a braided belt brings new life to this 80's number.

The print was just so pretty--it needed a chance at a second life.
So we gave it one.
 And that defines the importance of a good tailor.
So go out there and find an older, classic piece to make your own. Look for cool prints, quality fabrics like this silk, and good stitching. Remember, the best thing about a good tailor or seamstress is that you get to customize the garment to your body!


Noa B and Tanya D

Dress: Neiman Marcus, via thrift
Belt: Vintage
Boots: Rampage


  1. Oooo! SO SO SO loving the short version of this dress. Amazing job!


  2. so lovely!!! totally updated and looks amazing! i need to find me a tailor, stat! ;D


  3. Wow, love it! The shorter length really makes those pleats stand out more too..