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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little obsessed with crochet

I've been salivating over the new trend of white and cream lace and crochet and cotton appliques which seem to be making appearances all over the runway. Worn with sandals, espadrilles and gladiators they epitomize romance and Edwardian softness.
So here at SHS, we wanted to create our own interpretation of this killer look. (But with some Cali style, worn with beachy chic, of course!)

We were so psyched with the results of our "how to" blog on making a skirt into a shirt or dress, (see here) that we decided to opt for it once again, only this time, with the season's latest craze--crochet!!
We found the perfect raw material in this midi-length skirt.
The elastic waistband and gathered crochet was a little too full waisted for either one of us to have worn, "as is".
But with a few snips of the scissors and a run through the machine, we had armholes and a whole new way to interpret the skirt into a shift.  We added a braided, suede belt to cinch the waist, and vintage gold beads for warmth and runway style.

Because when it comes to couture, all of these variations on lace and cotton are just so dreamy... But we also love the ability to do it on a dime!

Here's to making it your own!!

Tanya D 


  1. Great job, it's beautiful!
    I'm looking for a crochet dress myself!


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  2. Thanks, guys! I owe it partly to my stylist/partner Noa B! xx

  3. I meant "mostly" not "partly" - hahaha

  4. WOW I *love* this! I'm such a fan of the crochet/lace/girly look too! I don't know what the chances are that I'd come across a skirt like that, but I'll sure be looking now :)

  5. love this on soft and fem...
    wait am I reading this right, that it was a skirt? craziness...that is genius talent!!!!

  6. I've got a gorgeous crochet-satin top in brilliant purple. Gonna wear it the next time I go out.

  7. so so pretty in need to find some crochet this season! i'm itching for a thrifting day, i need one so i can create some original pieces! love this blog!!