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Friday, April 15, 2011

Talk of the town: Our favorite tailors east and west

We love to go bargain hunting, and as we love to point out on this blog, sometimes the perfect dress isn't exactly "the perfect dress" until it's had a few nips and tucks. (See here: A guide to quick hemming).

Remembering that most things can be fixed or tweaked can result in the perfect, retro, fashion statement!
For those of you who share our passion for secondhand shopping, here's a quick compendium of some of our favorite tailors east and west, who we think will do your clothes, (and your wallet) justice!

Rancho Tailor: 
Located at the corner of Overland And Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles, Arturo Padilla caters not only to the local clientele, but also creates costumes and alterations for the artist formerly known as Prince. Arturo's clients may often be celebs, but you'd never know it from the humble storefront and the extremely moderate prices. If you have something old, delicate, or complex to alter, Arturo is your man. If you have a lot to fix, drop by early in the morning. Arturo's patrons are always out the door. A top favorite and best choice for our Westwood/West LA peeps. (He was even given a mention in the film, "Country Strong")!

Lizon Tailors: Venice and Midvale: 
This family establishment is a perfect gem for those wishing to take in jackets, suits, and menswear. The tailoring is great, although prices sometimes run a little higher here. A word to the wise; be very specific about your needs. This tailor doesn't like to be questioned but produces great work. ;) Still, a good place for our peeps in Palms and Culver City, and especially good for mens' wear.

Crown Cleaners: Fairfax and Willoughby:
Considered one of the better dry cleaners/alterations spots for wardrobers and costumers in Hollywood, this unassuming little establishment has a reputation for cleaning, altering and even patching older and more delicate fabrics. If you have a patch job that needs special attention, they may be your best bet. For West Hollywood/Hollywood, make this a sure-fire fix.

A & I Friendly Tailor: Washington and Lincoln Blvd:
For all our Venice/Abbott Kinney/Marina Del Rey peeps, this little hole-in-the-wall is a great place for inexpensive dress fixes. Come in for hemming and size adjustments and leave with your wallet intact. Located next to Costco, this cute little shop does wonders for a reasonable rate. Ask for Alla!

Elnc Lizabeth Tailoring: 111th Street and 3rd Avenue:
And for our old New York City pals, I highly recommend Lizabeth, at Elnc. Lizabeth will hack away at your dresses at a fraction of what you'll pay in midtown! She may be a bit of a haul, but I've never paid Manhattan prices for her level of service.

Most of all, keep in mind that a good tailor can make even the humblest garment look like a million bucks. It's all in the fit! Stay tuned next week to see how Arturo took this dated, 80's, silk Neiman Marcus dress and altered it for a brand new finish!

Big Love!

Noa B
Tanya D

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