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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun with Fuscia

Okay, I have to admit, I'm not a super girly-girl. Yes, I love frills and skirts and billowing dresses, but when it comes to pink I'm nearly always "out".

However, a few months ago I assessed my New York style closet and realized that 80% of my wardrobe was black. Apparently you can take the girl out of New York but...
What better way to embrace color than in thrift? Where trying something new doesn't have to break the bank?

When I came across this adorable, vintage Milly NY dress, I decided to shun my ritualistic black for some bright, candy pink ruffles.
It was a departure. I mean, can it get any brighter than this? Still, adding some sky-high Jessica Simpson heels in black started to make it feel a little more "me"...
 With a detachable bow-belt, this was as girl-y as I've ever been--and I loved it!
Plus, pockets, pockets, pockets! Need I say more?
But the clincher was the asymmetrical ruffles. So over-the-top but so charming too!
It just seemed like the perfect little number for an afternoon cocktail party!
 And I know a friend who makes the perfect afternoon Bloody Mary's...
 Yum, seriously, I need more of these occasions to get dresses for.
But I guess for me, the moral of this story is to try something different every once and awhile, even if you don't think it's "you". Because maybe "you" isn't always who you thought you were!
Happy Hunting!

Noa B

Dress: Milly New York: via thrift
Earrings: Boutique, Abbot Kinney
Heels: Jessica Simpson


  1. a vintage MILLY DRESS??? OMG I am so envious! What a fabulous find girl! LOVE the ruffled collar and the color! Fabulous!


  2. Amazing!!! I love this! Frills, color all of it!
    xox t

  3. Great dress! Love it.


  4. you look great in hot pink!!! such a fun find!