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Monday, August 1, 2011

Black and Gold goes Bold: Part 1

Happy Monday to all our thrifty friends! Have we got a "re-do" for you! Remember when people actually wore these pantsuits "as is"? I found this wonderfully atrocious combination jumpsuit and blazer for a few bucks at the local thrift store last month.
Admittedly, in its present state it's nothing short of awful, but just wait til you see what Tanya and I have in store for this baby!
We talked about making this into two separately themed outfits. One dressy ensemble for night, and one funky yet casual piece for day. But eventually we realized each of us wanted to rock a part of it in our own, fabulous way!

So this mess of an ensemble met its match last week--us! Here's what I decided to do with the pantsuit. The first step was to turn it backwards. In its current state the neckline was frumpy and the back was even worse. But turned around it had potential to become something new. 
I cut a deep v-neck into the back and chopped all the extra fabric off. I then removed a mandarin style neck piece from the back and instead cut another plunging shape into the front.
I secured the zipper at the waist and added a hook and eye above it. 
Hem tape was added to keep the front lace from flopping over in the bust. A small button and loop were added to the lower back/waist just above the zipper.
I hacked off the pants below the pockets, took in the sides, and created a sexy romper.
The key was to plunge not only the back, but the front as well, creating a deep-v symetry on both sides. All that was needed was the addition of a vintage, 60's, Oscar de la Renta belt to polish this look off. And here's the result!
Low in the back... 
With a draping batwing. 
And a modest plunge in the front... 
Nude heels, retro earrings and some bangles added the finishing touches.

Noa B and Tanya D

Jumpsuit: Thrifted vintage
Heels: BCBG
Earrings: F21
Belt: Oscar de la Renta, vintage


  1. OMG this is such a great redesign, damn your talented!

  2. Holy shmoly you are one creative girl!! Never would have thought of that!

  3. GORGEOUS! This looks fabulous AND expensive! Great eye!! ~Serene

  4. wow! thats a perfect redesign!

  5. Noa, I am DYING over this creation! Seriously, you two have the most creative minds EVER! To look at that suit and create something so chic and so wearable... just unreal. Another fabulous DIY... they just keep getting better and better :)

    Too bad you ladies live so far away.. I could use your help on my alterations ;)


  6. WOW this is amazing! Like pretty much everyone said...I can't get over this romper. It is beautiful! I have absolutely zero sewing skills, so as Tanya suggested in your last post, I am currently on the lookout for a dress that I can cut into a crop top :) I love reading you two!Ally @ Fever Thrift

  7. Thanks for all your comments ladies! And for those of you who don't sew, there's always iron-on hem tape...;)

  8. WOW! What a beautiful change! I like it!
    By the way, I loooove your tattoo. I wanna get a spine tattoo as well!


  9. you guys truly are STARS, seriously!! how amazing is this?? i wish you guys lived close and could redo my whole wardrobe, hahaha! perhaps i should start with a sewing machine?? you look GORG!!