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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From cheesy shirt to statement jewelry!

When I received this slightly trashy jersey top at our last clothing swap, I knew it was something that was definitely not my style, but I was drawn to it anyway. Then it dawned on me - the reason I liked it was because of the hardware.
l've been lusting after giant statement jewelry lately and was so happy for this simple but brilliant inspiration! (If you're a regular reader of Secondhand Star, you know that means that Noa does all of the sewing; I can't sew a straight hem to save my life!) That's right -  this was so easy, even I could do it!
Before you toss that out of date or simply too "bling-for-your-bang" kind of top, take a second look and see if you can salvage the hardware to create statement jewelry out of it. I simply cut along the lines where the metal was attached to the fabric, being careful not to snip the seam where the stitching connected the two.
Then I left some fabric in the shape of a triangle below the chain. I took the remaining fabric and cut slashes into it, creating colorful strips.
And here's the result - A serious piece of statement jewelry to rock out your basic, LBD!
Noa was on her way out the door to a dinner event, and when we tossed it over her simple black dress, we knew we had a winner!
The bold pop of color and texture made it a truly unique piece!
She was more than a little willing to take our new renovation out for a spin, and I was rather proud of myself that a 5 minute snip of inspiration turned into this!
(Now I just need to make sure she'll give it back for my turn out to rock it!)

Much Love,

Tanya D xx
On Noa:
Necklace: Cut from a BEBE top
Dress: Clothing Swap ruched LBD
Boots: 7 For All Mankind
Clutch: Vintage
Bracelet: Birthday gift
Earrings: Gift


  1. Wow, I would have never thought about doing a DIY like this... I love it! :)


  2. Haha I cannot believe u made that top into a killer necklace. You rock!