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Monday, August 8, 2011

Bridesmaid dress double duty

Okay, how many of you gals have been asked to participate it someone's wedding and ended up with some awful, Laura Ashley, taffeta dress that sat in your closet because you felt too guilty to donate it to charity? Show of hands? (Ya, me too.)
Well, not the beautiful Ms. D! Tanya not only has great taste, but is fortunate to have friends with similar propensities. In this case, the wedding she was asked to be in had a Mexi oriented theme and each gal got to pick her color.
Naturally, Tanya chose red-hot and I can't say I've ever seen a more chic looking bridesmaid!
At SHS, we wanted to illustrate how even a dress intended for ceremonial purposes can be worn daily. So Tanya added her signature, vintage belt, bangles, and a fabulous, woven fedora to make this dress casual-friendly. 
Braided hair also accented the daytime look.
We'll be sure to show you pictures of how we intend to hem it up, glam it up, and how Miss T will actually wear it at the wedding. That is... if the bride doesn't change her mind and put her in a mumu.

Noa B.

Mexi Dress - via Ebay
Belt - Vintage via thrift
Boots - Aldo
Hat - The hubs, via Robert Graham

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