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Monday, March 7, 2011

LBS: & 3 Nifty ways to wear it!

Hi there all you DIY'ers. This post is just for you!

We found this skirt for a buck. There was something cool about it, and something... well, not so cool as well.

OK, we all know, there's no reason to clog your closet with dated junk just because "it's a dollar". However, we liked the detail of the black lace on this skirts' hemline and wondered if we could make it over into something more interesting, because as a dated A-line skirt, it was not going to turn any heads.

Mission: Little Black Skirt, into a Little Black Shirt, that can be worn three different ways!

*Tip - This can be done with any below-the-knee skirt that you just aren't loving anymore.

Here's how we (aka Noa) did it:

Start by laying out your skirt, and measuring approximately 5" below the waistband. The more inches you leave, the wider your new "shoulder" will be.

Next, cut open the side seams from that five inch point slicing downwards, and make the opening as wide as you would like the armholes to be. (example; another 6").

Now turn and stitch your raw opening with a sewing machine to finish the seams.  Or if you're sewing machine challenged like Tanya - you can use iron-on hem tape in a matching color and it works just as well!

*Tip: You can purchase Wrights hem tape at your local craft or fabric store.  Make sure it's heat adhesive. Then heat up your iron, place the tape over your raw edge, and seal it together with moderate pressure.Think of it as permanent scotch tape for your clothes!

Here's what we got:

Option #1: The little black dress, a classic. 
We loved this on Tanya as a boat-neck. How great is this for an easy, day to night shift?
(Note: the wider you leave the space for your side cut, the more of a batwing drape you'll get in the shoulder-to-arm). 

Option #2: Little black shirt, knotted, with tight jeans, nude heels, and a vintage belt. The perfect combo for a dinner out.

Option #3: Little black cowl neck tunic. 
Worn with vintage, slouchy pants and a cincher belt. A great transition from winter weather into spring... If you've seen our military jacket story, you know that tails are in! 
(P.S. Recognize these Ralph Lauren pants from here ? Yep, they too were a dollar!)

 Happy hunting fellow thrifters!

With Love!

Noa B. and Tanya D.


  1. I mean.... amazing!
    So versatile and so easy! You guys are genius

  2. You are so talented!

    I love your blog!

  3. Great idea!! I love second option, but everithing are really fantastic!!!

  4. I like option 2!

    And I love this blog! We don't have that great of thrift stores here in Charlotte, and it makes me sad :( This blog is pretty inspirational, though!

    linds.eliz@ 413

  5. oh my gosh, amazing!! i love all 3 looks, i wish i could find a pretty garment piece like that, i tried looking yesterday but nuthin' quite sang to me. BUT i totally have a new mindset while going thrift shopping now cuz i could perhaps make it into something i LOVE!
    i really love the 2nd look the bestest, but seriously all 3 are UH-MAZING!