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Friday, March 11, 2011

SHS: Our mission in review

Hi SHS readers! We're so thrilled to have you here. Being that we're only a few posts in, we wanted to keep you updated on our mission and projects to come...
A few months back, Noa and I were having one of our regular girly lunch and thrift shop dates and came up with an idea. Let's make a business out of doing what we love.  And what we love is fashion. Particularly vintage and redesigned thrift.
Another huge part of what we love is simply hanging out together. (We've been doing it for years, since I was a baby actress, and Noa was cracking me up while doing my makeup in the makeup chair!)  

We've both lived and grown and evolved so much over the years, but the one thing that remains is our friendship and this shared fashion passion...  that we're dying to share with you!!
Nooks (as I like to call her) and I scour our local thrift to find true vintage pieces, along with some overlooked secondhand gems, that we just know have fabulous potential!
Nothing makes us giddy quite like finding the original vintage tags on something, along side a majorly marked down price. Because let's get real, America. Times are tough. But who doesn't want to be fabulous regardless of one's bank account? 

With my eagle eye, and her fashion designer trained sewing skills, we'll show you how to shop on a dime, look like a million and have so much fun in the process!  Think of us as your fashion fairy god-sisters. 

Even if you're sewing machine challenged (like me!) we'll break it down with simple, easy steps any local tailor can help you accomplish.  Proving that with a little love and imagination, you too can be Secondhand Stars. 

With Love, 

Tanya D.


  1. Can't wait to see what you girls come up with!

    Everything Nonsense

  2. I love seeing what the two of you create! Congratulations on your venture (and adventures)!

  3. like i said before i'm so glad you guys are doing this!! it has totally opened my eyes to shop differently when i go thrift shopping. i do not own a sewing machine so that blows, but i bet a lot i could do by hand, it will just take longer, hahaha!
    can't wait to see all your fabulous ideas you've come up with!!


  4. Ya'll are sucha great duo! :) I look forward to each and every post ya'll do and I cannot wait to see more vintage finds and re-designs! {p.s. the rhyming was unintentional, I'm just cool like that phaha}

    Happy Friday gorgeous gals! :)


  5. You guys are amazing! And the best part is that you look like you're having so much fun doing what you're doing! Which is really the best outcome really..
    lots of love
    xxx t