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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mad for Vintage Plaid

I never thought I'd say it, but I think my illustrious, (and industrious) partner may have inadvertently hooked me onto wearing plaid. Shocking, but ever since she posted this fantastic little winter get-up here, I've felt that plaid had to be given a chance.
This fun little mirror image look was something we contrived purely by chance. Once or twice a month (OK, a week, if we're being honest), Tanya and I venture out to our respective "Out of the Closet" haunts. The trick is to shop early, and often. Sunday morning at 10AM usually finds one of us in here, browsing the $1 sale racks.
The Monday following this particular adventure we met to compare finds, and it turned out each of us had found a fabulous plaid bottom.
Tanya's retro, Ralph Lauren pant was straight out of the early 90's. They fit her to perfection and we didn't have to tweak a thing.
(Which leads us to a very good point... reconstructed, secondhand clothing is fabulous, fun, and something we can all do with a little imagination, some sewing skill, or a very good tailor. But sometimes a little gem with a flawless fit and in mint condition is just begging to be found at your local thrift store)!
My woolly skirt with a hidden back pleat was probably culled from the mid 70's. We ended up pulling two H&M vests that fit each of us to a T, and paired them with some astonishingly high heels.
The result was a plaid fantasy, with each of  us rocking our own, individual take on a tartan.
Sometimes a dose of the vintage coupled with cheap chic paired just right, will do ya!

With love,
Noa B.
On Tanya:
Cuffs: Vintage
Shoes: Vince Camuto Momas black suede pumps
Pants: Ralph Lauren Vintage
Vest: H&M circa 2001

On Noa:
Gold and feather earrings: Made by Lisa Dempsey
Shoes: Steve Madden Catcherr pump
Skirt: Vintage Wool
Vest: H&M circa 2010


  1. Gorgeous! Perfect for this weather right now too!
    It's such a shame that both of you are so un-photogenic.. something that you can work on I suppose? haha HOTTIES!
    xxx tash

  2. i need some plaid!! and you guys have inspired me that if i find a garment or pattern i love, if it doesn't fit exactly how i want i can make it into something i DO LOVE, woohoo!! u two are gorgeous!


  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos! & I love your banner! I just discovered your blog off another fashion website!

    I love your style & am now following, follow back? :)

    I have a new post up on Betsey Johnson 2011 swimwear! Swing by & check it out if you can.


  4. Gorgeous girls! I love that plaid skirt

    Miss Neira