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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dressed for Dreams...

When Noa and I made one of our ritualistic jaunts to her local Out of The Closet, we had no idea we'd stumble upon what has become two of our most prized possessions.
Both of our dresses started off as not much more than gigantic pieces of beautiful fabric.  But we had an eye and an idea for something better. 
My dress was wedged between a faded terry cloth jumpsuit and a floral jersey nightmare. I knew it was way too big and the heavy fabric on the bottom half (while gorgeous in detail) was going to be way too long for my petite frame.  But I couldn't take my eyes off of it, and soon tossed it on and began to make pinning and cutting plans inside the tiny dressing room, with my buddy in tow.
It's pretty cool when you have a friend who not only has the same vintage obsession as you, but knows how to sew and bring those fashion fantasies to life!
Noa's dress needed a little less alteration but we both lit up when she tried it on because the colors were just so gorgeous on her! The bust area was pretty cool, yet modest, as-is - so we decided to make hers a sexy little mini.
Noa has rocked hers out with boots and a tiny blazer, while I'm still waiting for that perfect opportunity to wear this elaborate dream dress. (But either way, I still smile every time I see it in my closet!) 

Tanya D.
Dresses: Via "Out of the Closet" Westside
Belt on Noa: Via Jewish Women's Council Thrift on Venice
Feathered headband on Tanya: Charlotte Russe
Tanya's shoes: Vince Camuto Moma's
Noa's shoes: Seychelles


  1. Amazing.
    p.s. you're both ridiculous hotties x

  2. i'm so glad you guys decided to do this!! i would love to see the "before" pics of the garments and then we can see how you guys transformed them in your pics! how fun is this?? LOVE!


  3. Thank you girls!! (You're pretty hot too chirps) And Hillary - we plan to do that! I'm so glad you asked because we really do think it's a cool way to show how much you can do with secondhand clothing! Stay tuned! xx

  4. lovee this. i am a huge fan of turning something kind of fugly and funky to pretty much a masterpiece and a head-turner-piece ;) you guys look amazing. killer dresses <3

  5. LOVE IT!!!

    Again, amazing looks! So following you gals!
    Can I please have a friend live in my hometown that loves vintage and knows how to sew? Ya'll are blessed! :)


  6. LOVE this blog idea! Great work girls. So much fun! Can't wait to see more of your stylish creations!
    And, the photography is amazing!

  7. We already love Secondhand Star! Would you like us writing a post about it on Illustrated Moodboard?



  8. That would be wonderfrul! Thanks, girls! X

  9. These dresses turned out great. The only thing I would wish you guys had done is take some photos of their 'before' looks. Or better when you saw them in the store hanging between everything. So we can really be amazed at the change.