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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer shorts: how to wear them!

Happy Memorial day everyone!
We got together last week and were talking about our collective plans for the holiday weekend. Since "beach weather" has finally made an L.A. appearance, we were discussing creative ways to wear shorts...
Tanya had just found an amazing pair of leather shorts with zippers, and I was rocking my first pair of denim cut-offs since junior high. Back then, I think we would've been pairing them with flip flops or Keds, but today we love them both with our famously sky-high heels. Nothing like some height to make your gams look great!
For Tanya, it was all about the vintage, cotton knit top culled from a recent thrift expedition for a buck. Everyone is showing these chain braided sweaters, and the cropped length hit her waist-line perfectly. Plus, it may be warm in L.A., but there's still a breeze...
Adding the romantic headband gave the hard edged shorts a sweet finish.
And her famous, Jessica Simpson platforms helped pull it all together.
For my pick, I had found an amazing silk-satin, vintage top which I had taken in on the waist, altered at the shoulder, and hemmed up. I wanted to dial down the dressiness, so I paired it with the aforementioned cut-offs.
A braided, thrifted leather belt added detail for a drop waist. And gold and feather earrings gave it boho finish.
I added a newly acquired pair of leather and linen wedges to complete the ensemble.
And we were good to go!

For shorts, whether it's rock and roll or boho chic, there's more than one way to take on a trend. It's simply about making it your own!

Happy holidays!! (Now about these sky-high heels in the sand...)

Noa and Tanya

On Tanya:
Sweater: Vintage via thrift $1
Leather Shorts: Label unknown via Crossroads Trading Co.
Hair band: Stretch lace found at any fabric store
Heels: Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms

On Noa:
Blouse: Vintage, re-constructed
Cut-offs: Blue Cult
Wedges: Big Buddah
Belt: Vintage
Earrings: Gold leaf dipped, feather attachment by Lisa Dempsey


  1. I love wearing shorts dressy or casual and it's true it's about making them your own. xo

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  2. I love the way you both styled your shorts! Especially like the sweater and shorts as I was just thinking about pairing a cropped sweater with some leather shorts I have. May just do it now :)