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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sixties Love - a shortened hem

Hi guys - this one's simple. Even the sewing challenged (such as myself) can pull this off.
As you know, Noa and I love shopping thrift for the most unique items to trim and tweak and make our own. And this baby was no different... except it was so easy.  (And nothing makes me happy like easy!)
How cute is this little sixties number? The built-in belt and bold print had me at hello. 
But like all diamonds in the rough, it needed some help. (But not much!)
A simple hem to take off the unflattering length, and I had myself a new little mini dress!
Quick tip for the sewing challenged: You can hand sew a loose hem with needle and thread on the underside of a garment. Just leave a little extra fabric and fold it under. That way if you mess it up, or go too short, you can easily tear it out.
Paired with some easy accessories; aviators, a braided belt worn as a headband, (also seen here as a belt) and slouchy Aldo ankle boots, I've discovered a new favorite look!

Mad love xx
Tanya D


  1. Great dress, you did a fabulous job shortening it!


  2. SO cute!


  3. This outfit is so fun and free flowing! love that headband

  4. so incredibly cute! i have no sewing machine, so a hem i could probably do! hahaha! i cut a long sleeved shirt into a cardigan style and cut the sleeves shorter and took out a piece and sewed them back together so the sleeves were tighter on me. it's so not much and it's not stitched pretty and the rest is undone and not hemmed but OH WELL, ahahahaha! i loved the colors of the stripes so i tried to "secondhand star" it by myself. :D


  5. Love this look! Question: Do you follow a formula of length to hem it based on your body type or do you just try it on and mark where you want it to fall?

  6. So cute! Love it!! XO Raspberry & Rouge