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Monday, May 9, 2011

Thrifted free, from sisters three...

We all have those special friends in our lives. The ones we can call anytime. The ones who will pick up the phone when you ring them at 2am and say, "what do you need"?

This post is for them. Specifically, three of them.

This afternoon on the heels of an all night film shoot, I awoke to find that my home computer had crashed--hard. Panicked, I threw on the first, comfy clothing I could find in my closet and headed to Venice to meet a friend who might be able to offer a rescue.
As luck would have it, in grabbing for the nearest things laying out I inadvertently yanked multiple items from last month's clothing swap.
As I drove towards Venice, I realized that the three items I had randomly assembled from my closet were all from one family. More specifically, one family of sisters.
And even more unusually, each piece of clothing I was wearing had come from a different sister.

Enter my girls--the Dempsey's.
 (Photo by Karri Bowman)

You already know Tanya... (yeah, the knockout above and to your right)...

And you've seen her beautiful and talented sisters Lisa and Leah here:

But what's even more amazing is that each sister has become a huge part of my life. Each one is both individually and collectively, a close friend and creative partner in her own rite. So it seems appropriate that when I needed something comforting and soft to wear, my hands grabbed at a piece of each "sissy", (as they often refer to one another).

After working all night and into the wee hours of the morning, these softly broken in, yet flattering cords, (a swap from Tanya's clothing discards) were the coziest pants to pull on.
This awesome, knitted sweater was Leah's American Apparel trade to me. And this gorgeous leather jacket came from Lisa's pile.
In the end, without even thinking about it, I'd assembled an outfit with a little piece of each of my girls worn, (literally) on my sleeve. Because sometimes when things get a little stressful, you just want your "gals" around.

Love you ladies. This post's for you!

Noa B 

Gladiator flats: Jeffrey Campbell "Chainiators"
Sweater: American Apparel
Corduroys: Yanuk
Jacket: IE
Sunglasses: Liz Claiborne
Clutch: Volcom
Necklace: Onyx and silver, Mechanized

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