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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer shorts: how to wear them!

Happy Memorial day everyone!
We got together last week and were talking about our collective plans for the holiday weekend. Since "beach weather" has finally made an L.A. appearance, we were discussing creative ways to wear shorts...
Tanya had just found an amazing pair of leather shorts with zippers, and I was rocking my first pair of denim cut-offs since junior high. Back then, I think we would've been pairing them with flip flops or Keds, but today we love them both with our famously sky-high heels. Nothing like some height to make your gams look great!
For Tanya, it was all about the vintage, cotton knit top culled from a recent thrift expedition for a buck. Everyone is showing these chain braided sweaters, and the cropped length hit her waist-line perfectly. Plus, it may be warm in L.A., but there's still a breeze...
Adding the romantic headband gave the hard edged shorts a sweet finish.
And her famous, Jessica Simpson platforms helped pull it all together.
For my pick, I had found an amazing silk-satin, vintage top which I had taken in on the waist, altered at the shoulder, and hemmed up. I wanted to dial down the dressiness, so I paired it with the aforementioned cut-offs.
A braided, thrifted leather belt added detail for a drop waist. And gold and feather earrings gave it boho finish.
I added a newly acquired pair of leather and linen wedges to complete the ensemble.
And we were good to go!

For shorts, whether it's rock and roll or boho chic, there's more than one way to take on a trend. It's simply about making it your own!

Happy holidays!! (Now about these sky-high heels in the sand...)

Noa and Tanya

On Tanya:
Sweater: Vintage via thrift $1
Leather Shorts: Label unknown via Crossroads Trading Co.
Hair band: Stretch lace found at any fabric store
Heels: Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms

On Noa:
Blouse: Vintage, re-constructed
Cut-offs: Blue Cult
Wedges: Big Buddah
Belt: Vintage
Earrings: Gold leaf dipped, feather attachment by Lisa Dempsey

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mexi Caftan Redesign

The lovely and talented Miss Noa B picked up this little Mexi caftan at Out of The Closet thrift several months ago. Only it used to be not-so-little.
She loved the print and vibrant colors, and decided to grab it on impulse (yes, like a pack of gum at the checkout stand) because it was only $1. But she tossed it aside thinking that the size 10 would be too difficult to bring down to either one of our frames.
Lucky for me, her sewing skills far surpass her faith in herself.
She hacked off the bottom, and took in the sides... (left the gorgeous bell sleeves because c'mon, look at them!)
And all I had to do was nip in the waist with a belt and I was good to go!
Thanks, Noa! You may never get this one back!! Wait. You know where I live...

Besos xx
Tanya D

Monday, May 23, 2011

Vintage purple pants

Okay, I admit it. I've always hated, (no wait, capital H, "Hated") pleated, high waisted, peg legged pants. I think I spent most of the 90's in search of boot leg, palazzo, and sailor silhouettes in protest.
However, I recently fell in love with Gucci's array of jewel toned colors and 70's-80's inspired cuts for spring. The bright purples, oranges, and greens, all done in high waisted trousers, along with pencil skirts, completely overcame my aversion to this shape.
Lo and behold, I came across this late 70's, poly-blend pant for a dollar last month on a thrifting jaunt.
I loved the color, the pin tucked waist band, the narrow ankle. Basically everything. But I thought rather than add another bright tone top A la Gucci, I'd try combining them with my other favorite trend for spring/summer--crochet.
I added my favorite pair of Seychelles, (super 70's cognac and gunmetal leather) along with some antique, Bedouin necklaces and thrifted bangles.
My favorite pair of gifted, silver chandeliers added the remaining touch.
It's kind of shocking that something this high in the waist could actually be slimming! But once I tucked in the bat wing top the proportions all fit together.
I think I just "hearted" polyester!

Noa B 

Pants: Vintage, via Out of the Closet, $1
Top: Nordstrom
Shoes: Seychelles: Nordstrom
Earrings: Birthday gift
Necklaces: Silver and Pewter: Israel, vintage
Bangles: Thrift

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Fling

The thing I love most about what I do, is inspiring others to think outside the fashion box and look far beyond your typical shopping norm to find unique items that inspire you and your closet (and may just inspire others too!)
And that's just what happened when a girlfriend of mine showed up at the door yielding thrifted delights galore, including this $1 vintage spring stunner for me!
The first thoughts running through my mind were... A) Awesome friend B) It will probably need some serious altering, dying, or tweaking because nothing is usually just right, straight off the $1 dollar rack.. and C) Oh, I'm dead wrong.
I seriously couldn't believe how cute and easy this homemade little dress was. I zipped it up (how rare that it fit to perfection!), popped on some Steve Madden cork wedges and I was good to go!
I've been looking lovingly at this vintage white quilted bag in my closet ever since I found it for mere dollars last Fall. Now I had just the reason to pull it out!
It's so Spring and fun and I decided to just go for it with a tiny headband creating the perfect bouffant by pushing back my growing-out bangs, grandma-type pale pink pearl earrings... (they were clip-on, found at a recent scavenger-thrift hunt on a very stressful day!)
And a liquid cat-eye to boot!
The generous sunshine on my face had me fantasizing about playing hooky all day, in my brand new (old) whimsical dress, but I decided to be a good girl and just carry on with it instead...
Besides, bringing out the pretty is what I do for a living anyway, so why not bring in the sunshine?

P.S. Heidi - thank you for the dress! 

With Love,
Tanya D xx

Monday, May 16, 2011


I met a friend over the weekend for brunch at Culver City's Royal T. If you haven't been yet, it's time to take a field trip!
The inside decor is as inspiring as the outside. (Mind you, this is just the back door)...
Going to a vibrant tea house and art gallery made me want to throw on something equally bright. So I pulled on these vintage, high waisted, silk pants, a recently acquired 80's Girbaud top, and some leopard espadrilles and headed over.
Inside the decor is awesome. A cafe stocked with rotating exhibits, anime, photographs, manga... You name it!
This screen was so cool! I blended in like a chameleon...
Wouldn't you love something like this in your living room?
Or this?
I'd take any number of items, including the Thank You signs. ;)
In fact the whole wall will be fine.

But half the fun is sitting amidst the art, and the other half is the waitresses all dressed in baby-doll clothing.

I had a great time, and I'll be going back again for the milk tea and cupcakes. In my brightest, skittle colored garb!

Noa B

Shirt: Vintage Girbaud: via thrift
Bangles: Larchmont boutique
Pants: Jada, via thrift
Glasses: Coach, via clothing swap
Earrings: Jessica Simpson
Shoes: Sam Edelmann

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sixties Love - a shortened hem

Hi guys - this one's simple. Even the sewing challenged (such as myself) can pull this off.
As you know, Noa and I love shopping thrift for the most unique items to trim and tweak and make our own. And this baby was no different... except it was so easy.  (And nothing makes me happy like easy!)
How cute is this little sixties number? The built-in belt and bold print had me at hello. 
But like all diamonds in the rough, it needed some help. (But not much!)
A simple hem to take off the unflattering length, and I had myself a new little mini dress!
Quick tip for the sewing challenged: You can hand sew a loose hem with needle and thread on the underside of a garment. Just leave a little extra fabric and fold it under. That way if you mess it up, or go too short, you can easily tear it out.
Paired with some easy accessories; aviators, a braided belt worn as a headband, (also seen here as a belt) and slouchy Aldo ankle boots, I've discovered a new favorite look!

Mad love xx
Tanya D

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thrifted free, from sisters three...

We all have those special friends in our lives. The ones we can call anytime. The ones who will pick up the phone when you ring them at 2am and say, "what do you need"?

This post is for them. Specifically, three of them.

This afternoon on the heels of an all night film shoot, I awoke to find that my home computer had crashed--hard. Panicked, I threw on the first, comfy clothing I could find in my closet and headed to Venice to meet a friend who might be able to offer a rescue.
As luck would have it, in grabbing for the nearest things laying out I inadvertently yanked multiple items from last month's clothing swap.
As I drove towards Venice, I realized that the three items I had randomly assembled from my closet were all from one family. More specifically, one family of sisters.
And even more unusually, each piece of clothing I was wearing had come from a different sister.

Enter my girls--the Dempsey's.
 (Photo by Karri Bowman)

You already know Tanya... (yeah, the knockout above and to your right)...

And you've seen her beautiful and talented sisters Lisa and Leah here:

But what's even more amazing is that each sister has become a huge part of my life. Each one is both individually and collectively, a close friend and creative partner in her own rite. So it seems appropriate that when I needed something comforting and soft to wear, my hands grabbed at a piece of each "sissy", (as they often refer to one another).

After working all night and into the wee hours of the morning, these softly broken in, yet flattering cords, (a swap from Tanya's clothing discards) were the coziest pants to pull on.
This awesome, knitted sweater was Leah's American Apparel trade to me. And this gorgeous leather jacket came from Lisa's pile.
In the end, without even thinking about it, I'd assembled an outfit with a little piece of each of my girls worn, (literally) on my sleeve. Because sometimes when things get a little stressful, you just want your "gals" around.

Love you ladies. This post's for you!

Noa B 

Gladiator flats: Jeffrey Campbell "Chainiators"
Sweater: American Apparel
Corduroys: Yanuk
Jacket: IE
Sunglasses: Liz Claiborne
Clutch: Volcom
Necklace: Onyx and silver, Mechanized