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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mexi Caftan Redesign

The lovely and talented Miss Noa B picked up this little Mexi caftan at Out of The Closet thrift several months ago. Only it used to be not-so-little.
She loved the print and vibrant colors, and decided to grab it on impulse (yes, like a pack of gum at the checkout stand) because it was only $1. But she tossed it aside thinking that the size 10 would be too difficult to bring down to either one of our frames.
Lucky for me, her sewing skills far surpass her faith in herself.
She hacked off the bottom, and took in the sides... (left the gorgeous bell sleeves because c'mon, look at them!)
And all I had to do was nip in the waist with a belt and I was good to go!
Thanks, Noa! You may never get this one back!! Wait. You know where I live...

Besos xx
Tanya D


  1. Oooh nice, I would have passed that over in a thrift store, good to see it's full potential!