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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweater Love

Hello Ladies,

As much as I love fashion blogs, articles, and tearing bits out of my monthly magazines, on the rare occasion I love feeling like I got it just right on my own. Take as example, this recent DKNY sweater I purchased and decided to rock with some late summer, black leather shorts. I felt that the time had come to start embracing fall, but I wasn't 100% ready to cover everything.
So instead I covered up--some... And layered this cropped, Italian, wool blazer along with some vintage, Bedouin beads and chains. And yes, that's a vintage turban on my head. Yup, that's right. A turban.
I had just thrown this outfit together and went to peek at my email from my Vogue online subscription. Imagine my enjoyment at reading this month's tips on making summer garments transition to fall. Their key? Layering long sweaters with shorts and minis and adding chunky booties!
I also love the idea of the hard and the soft. Soft, open weave sweater mixes with supple leather and hard edged wedges. Once again, my Edelmann's...
Chandelier earrings,  vintage tigers-eye ring, Bedouin beads, and an old silver, heirloom chain.
It's so simple, but I want to live in this sweater. So comfy and cozy.
 I might too...
(I will note as an epitaph to this blog that I risked bodily harm in attempting to buy this sweater, which may account for why I like it so much. I was seriously accosted and nearly trampled by some rabid, elderly women who tried to sucker punch me en route to the rounders during last Sunday's dollar sale. I barely made it out alive)!

But hey, what's a little bruised rib between fellow thrifters!


Noa B and Tanya D

Sweater: DKNY vintage, (1$)
Leather Shorts: Resale
Chains, Beduin, Israel, antique, and knotted piece from H&M
Wedges: Sam Edelmann Zachary clogs
Earrings: Gift, Alvera Street
Ring: Agate and silver, vintage, (Mom's)
Turban: Vintage, Atlanta's Little Five Points district
Blazer: Italian, vintage, (1$)
Purse: Rafi, (via Crossroads Exchange)


  1. Ahhaahahah... I can't get over the fact that you risked bodily harm. Some thrifters are nuts! (Yours truly included) ha!

    Well, the sweater was worth it! You look fab. xx

  2. Love this look on you...very cute! I could never pull off the turban :( Will definitely be wearing the sweaters and shorts into the fall!

  3. Would LOVE a pair of leather shorts!!! These look great on you! ~Serene

  4. i love all of your outfits.. and that background is so amazing as well!