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Monday, September 26, 2011

Trend report: Denim does it

I recently pulled this tear from In Style magazine's August issue. The long, denim shirt was such an easy look that I instantly wanted to wear it.

As it so happens, I had a fuzzy vest that I'd bought on sale from F21 during the winter. And I had fringey boots from Michael Kors which I'd loved for years but not gotten a ton of wear out of thus far.

All that was needed to complete this look was a long, denim shirt. And guess what I found last Sunday at my favorite thrift stores' "dollar" sale?
You guessed it! Denim shirt! For a buck! All it needed was a single replacement button.
Tanya and I shot this look to remind ourselves how wonderfully easy and inspiring it can be to rip out a page or a look we love and then re-create it so effortlessly via thrift. True, you won't always find your "key" piece on the first round, but you'll usually find at least one out of every three or four things on your list that will put you on the path towards your fashion goals for a fraction of the price.
And is there anything more enjoyable than emulating a tear sheet for a $1.00?
Happy thrifting!!


Noa B 

Shirt: via dollar thrift
Boots: Michael Kors, Nordstrom, 4 seasons ago
Vest: F21 Online


  1. So cute! Well done and who can top the price?? I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it.

  2. At my height (six foot) I don't think I could manage with just a shirt, but I love this look. What do you suggest as bottoms if bare legs aren't an option?

  3. Hi Gracey,

    Thanks so much for your comment. It's true that this look is a little editorial without a bottom. I love leather shorts for the fall, and I would suggest a great little pair in black or taupe to "peek" out from beneath the shirt, giving you that extra thigh coverage. (Both Tanya and I found great pairs at thrift stores over the last few months, and you can reference how we wore them in our previous blogs). Another option for this look is a mid-thigh mini with 5% lycra for moveability!

  4. Fabulous - I'll keep an eye out for a mini or some leather shorts. Thank you!