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Monday, September 19, 2011

Trailer togs--what I wore...

I've always been a fan of tailoring, shoulder pads, and structure. And one of my favorite layering items is a good, boyfriend jacket.  On the set of my latest feature I couldn't get enough of these, boxy, retro, pieces to keep me warm and cozy on those long, long nights.
Saying goodbye to the starwagon that was my home for the better part of six week, (not to mention my amazing cohorts) was a little bittersweet. As I packed down my makeup gear, I reflected on all that I'd accomplished over the past month and a half. 
Finishing up the week the weather became schizophrenic. Warm one moment, cold the next. The answer? Layering... (Something we'll be doing a lot more of now that fall is upon us).

I threw on my favorite light crochet top and acid washed jeans, paired with a treasured thrift find--my Brooks Brothers, pinstriped, boyfriend blazer. A fabulous, NYC purchase, this lightweight wool jacket was the perfect thickness for the on-again, off-again temperature.
A beloved, seed bead necklace, (a gift from my mum, worn in the 70's) and my requisite, chandeliers earrings were all the bling I needed for a work day.
My favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbell, "Chainiator" flats completed my comfy, "set" look.
Although I bought them two seasons ago, they've been a persistent staple in my arsenal of cute, rocker flats.
While a little sad to leave, I was so excited to get back in part to my other life, blogging, thrifting and styling. We have to much to share with you on Secondhand Star as we rev up for fall to bring you the latest and greatest trends, style watches and reconstructs. Look out for upcoming posts on retro coats, blazers, and 80's biz-casual suiting. All coming soon!!

Noa B

Blazer: Brooks Brothers: 92nd Street Housing Works, New York City
Jeans: Buffalo by David Bitten
Gladiator Flats: Jeffrey Campbell Chainiators
Crochet top: Nordstrom
Chandeliers: Alvera Street
Necklace: Vintage, Israel


  1. Love that blazer, Noa! It looks absolutely fab w/ those jeans!!


  2. I really like this blazer - the print is amazing and so versatile) I personaly like to wear pieces like this with jeans and some cool shoes)