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Friday, September 16, 2011

Gothic goes glam

Happy Friday thrifty, soul mates!

There's nothing Tanya and I love more than our $1.00, Sunday roaming sprees. We've been in and out of every Out of the Closet, Goodwill, Council thrift and generic resale-r this side of Los Angeles, but the thrill of the dollar score is our favorite kind of sport!
I pounced upon this 1$, black, crepe dress last week, and even Tanya's adorable, kid sister stuck her tongue out at me when I made her try it on for inspiration. (It's a wee bit big and looks a little like something Winona Ryder might have worn in Beetlejuice)...
However, with Miss T's past year of vintage and thrift tutelage, and I can now spot a diamond in the rough and I felt certain there was something here I could work with.

After a particularly long week, I got to work to cut this into something T and I would both love to wear out for an evening of revelry. My first order of business: Trims!!
This dress had the potential to be so neo-60's but it needed a little bling to get it there. (Not to mention a few, major alterations). I used this piece of collar sized trim and stitched it to the neckline after taking up the shoulder about 1".
Next, I removed the arms and closed up the armholes. I also took in the sideseams, waist, ruffles, and back seam.
And of course, what SHS makeover would be complete without a new hemline? This one went up about 5".

After cutting, shortening, tightening, overlocking, fixing all the fraying seams, adding some bling and giving it a good press, this baby was ready for a night out. Or should I say, a day for me and night for T? (Check her way of rocking it out here!)

And here's mine: 

All ruffles and short hems and ready for an afternoon tea. 
Narrowing the ruffle gave more emphasis to the asymmetrical detail, which I'm mad about! 
I threw on one of my stock, fave clogs--the grommet-ed, Edelman heels. I didn't want my shoes to be too girly. I like my fashion homages to be not quite "on the nose"...
I added a pair on elongated loops, (my mother's silver) and used a vintage, pearl cuff as a hair band.
And since the evenings here are cooling down, I added this little shrug top from Lush, (a recent trade at Crossroads) to keep me warm. 
It's really fun thrifting and being able to cut and re-work these babies ourselves, but just remember that if you find something teetering on the edge of glory, you can always take it to a good tailor. All you need is a little vision and the willingness to be fabulous!

Keep on trucking! And don't forget to rent Breakfast at Tiffany's!


Noa B and Tanya D

Dress: Redesigned vintage thrift, (1$)
Jacket: Lush, (trade)
Shoes: Sam Edelman Zachary clogs
Cuff: Vintage
Earrings: Israel


  1. I love what you did! it look supercool :)


    Elle ღ

  2. Wow!!! I love what you did. You're amazing!!!

    ^_^ Eva

  3. This dress is simply amazing!) And it's so Audrey <3 Love it so much.