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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The very first time...

There's a first time for everything. The first time training wheels come off your bike. The first time you see your teeth without braces on. That first kiss. But there's truly nothing like buying your first, vintage dress. This is my first time...
Last August I got together with my brilliant friend, confidant, and stylist, Ms. Tanya Dempsey, and told her I wanted to engage in a closet re-vamp.
After a lot of discussion, pile making, clothing tossing and the like, we whittled down my wardrobe and she convinced me to broaden my horizon's and go thrift shopping.
Our first stop was at the Jewish Women's Council Thrift store. Amongst other things, we bought a skirt that ended up becoming a double blogger post. (See Tanya's blog and post about it here).
So needless to say, I was heartily turned on to the fine art of thrift shopping! And here's the first number I bought all by myself last year, the day after "T" and I had our first vintage expedition! Amazingly, this gorgeous silk sheath still had the original tags on it!
Since it's a bit sheer, I scoured the flea markets for a matching tone slip, which I paired underneath it for a peek-a-boo hem and a little more bust coverage.
To add some bling to this ultra feminine look, we threw on this awesome necklace Tanya culled from last month's clothing swap.
And of course, no vintage dress is complete without a vintage clutch!
Nude toned, BCBG heels completed the look. I'm all about the nude heel to lengthen the thigh.
I'm so proud of my first thrifting accomplishment. It just took a little patience and trust to figure out that I could shop like a champ without spending like a chump!
Thanks "T"!

Happy Hunting Loves!!

Noa B and Tanya D

Dress: Vintage, Kristina
Slip: Vintage, Melrose Flea Market
Necklace: Swap
Clutch: Vintage (from T's closet!)
Heels: BCBG Generation


  1. Girl, you look GORG.. great find :)

    P.S. Love the ruffles from the slip peeking out from the bottom.


  2. So so stunning! You and the dress are gorgeous! Love those earrings too! Loving the blog much!

    Follow each other?

  3. Ooh nice! I used to only thrift for jeans for some reason....way beyond that now, most of my stuff comes from thrift stores! P.S. You have gorgeous eyes!!