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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rock & Purple

I found this amazing, purple dress at Crossroads in Santa Monica. I'd been looking for shifts with a hemline both just above, and just below the knee. This one was a perfect fit, with no alterations required!
I'm not usually a fan of purple. But this bold color was augmented by such a soft print. Plus, it kinda reminded me of the boxy, pink dress "Andy" wears at the end of "Pretty in Pink". The squared shoulders and drop waist were so retro-80's. I had to have it!
I also loved the cap sleeves and gathers, as well as the waist band tie.
I've been finding that lately with bold color blocks, the use of monochromatic jewelry often works best.
For this number I threw on some wooden bracelets as well as some Israeli, silver bangles. In the winter, I'd worn this shift with biker boots and a leather jacket. To make it springtime ready, I subbed in my new Sam Edelmann, black, studded clogs for an open toed finish.
Silver hoops finished everything off, as well as a vintage, tiger's eye ring from Israel.

Simply put, the dress did all the work on this one. ;)


Noa B and Tanya D

Dress: Vintage, Crossroads Clothing Exchange
Clogs: Sam Edelmann: Nordstrom Rack
Bracelets: Vintage and street fair
Ring: Vintage

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