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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Perfect Pink Pants & a $1 top!

Here at Secondhand Star, we have a mission. And it's not just to showcase vintage and redesigned clothing, but to show you the true art of secondhand. How taking something old, and making it new, can be fresh and fabulous! (And much, much easier on the wallet too.)
This outfit is a perfect example of just that.
Sometimes I go through my wardrobe and think "man, 85% of what I own is thrifted or secondhand!" ~ and I think that's pretty cool. I sprinkle in designer and true vintage pieces, and I'm constantly weeding out the old and holding on to the classic...
These pants are BCBG and thrifted for about $5.00. I couldn't believe how well they fit. The top? A super cute $1.00 find on a separate excursion that I simply could not pass up.
The bag is a hand-me-down from a friend, the necklace from a clothing exchange.
An SHS spin on one of my favorite go-to looks!

Tanya D xx


  1. Love the blouse! and your hair looks fabulous in the braid! xo

  2. Great outfit, I love everything from head to toe! :)

  3. So vintage and so chic! Love love LOVE!