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Monday, June 27, 2011

Leather goes light

There's a thrill and a skill to seeking out good quality, vintage leather. And while I'll always love black leather pants as a staple, I was truly excited to discover this pair of camel colored, boot leg pants at the local Out of the Closet for the whopping price of $1.00!! (Actually, they were technically still tagged at $22.00 but apparently stuff sitting longer than one month is bargain-able at this location)!
Because they're fairly breathable and the weather's been oddly windy, I found myself pulling these out of my "fall/winter" closet section last week. I threw on a treasured pair of Sam Edelmann, leopard espadrilles and headed out.
To bring these from fall weather garb into summer, I added another recent thrift find. This Mexi-inspired, vintage cotton embroidered top with silk lining.
I loved the soft, bright hues, and how the floral embellishment softened the leather and gave it a summery look. Gold and green beaded hoops and bangles added a finishing touch.
Los Angeles doesn't always play fair with seasonal clothing etiquette, but the good thing about that is, there are no rules! Leather in June? Absolutely!


Noa B and Tanya D

Peasant Blouse: Vintage, culled from thrift
Leather pants: Vintage, Out of the Closet
Espadrilles: Sam Edelmann, Nordstrom


  1. I love this look, especially the peasant blouse.

    Yay for no rules, I know that if I wore leather pants in June my husband would not only question my choice but would also think about committing me to a mental hospital lol. However, I usually don't care if he thinks I am crazy ;)

    You look gorgeous in leather, in June!

  2. These pants were MADE for you!! :)