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Friday, March 4, 2011

Attention! Military Vintage on the move

I might be dating myself, but did any of you own one of those Michael Jackson jackets in the 80's? Come on, 'fess up. Yes, I was merely a small cub, but I still had a sense for what was cool. Or bad. Or what have you.

The runways seems to be full of Michael inspired looks this season. Case in point: this Balmain number above, which Noa and I obsessively love (and that was seen on the luminous J-LO on Idol audition week), priced at $5,560.00! We wanted to find something in this vein, but a 5k coat was a bit out of our range.

Perhaps the sexy number I found came from the closet of someone with a similar Michael infatuation. A mere couple of bucks and it was mine. It needed some minor alteration in the back seam as it was a touch big, but my gal pal Noa came over and we tightened it up, (something a good tailor can do for about $10) and got to work throwing it over anything and everything.

What we realized right off the bat, was that this length and cut are extremely versatile. It can be worn over mini skirts, jeans or leggings, and it takes on a whole new life.

Here was our inspiration look: This little Julien Chambon number...

We borrowed the Hub's button down shirt and tie, threw on some American Apparel, high waisted bootie shorts, and some killer boots. 

(OK, truth be told, I'd never realistically wear this out anywhere, I'd probably pair it with some dark skinny's and heels, but we just couldn't resist a photo comparison.  P.S. - how cool is it that I have a girlfriend I can literally play dress up with?!) 

So here's our spin on this look.  From Balmain, to All-Mine.  And jacket price: $2.00!

While we love our couture inspirations, and truthfully splurge from time to time, shopping like a Secondhand "champ" proves you don't have to break the bank to look ultra current!

Tanya D.


  1. amazing! take that haute couture! hahaha
    you could totally rock those booty shorts at the park or grocery store, who says moms can't be amazingly hot? lol!


  2. Can't belive how amazing job you've done!
    In a couple of month your blog will be very popular and I'm so happy that I found it at the beginning!

    Keep it up!

  3. I loooooooove this blog. I am a regular at November Grey, so this is my New Year gift (better late than never).
    DO you do those jackets for 3 year old MJ fans?

  4. Amaziiiinggggg jacket! Love it!