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Monday, July 4, 2011

Chain Gang Vintage Swap: Silk Dupioni Pants!

I've fallen in love with dupioni silk all over again. The texture, the tone, and the super 60's vibe. Now you can too, by entering our first, 4-way, Secondhand Star giveaway!
Recently I teamed up with Jen from Belle de Couture, as well as my own brilliant, Secondhand Star partner Tanya from November Grey, to bring you a fabulous giveaway opportunity. Now we've added in another blogger! Devon, from! And we want to show you each of our takes on this latest item. Silk, champagne colored pants!
 When I tried these on I knew I wanted to give them a late 60's feel, with something loose and swing-y.
I paired them with this vintage blouse which actually has little mirrors stitched into the details.
I added black and white pearl strands, and a pair of nude heels. The ruching effect on their front also feels 60's reminiscent...
The clam-digger length is really what sells this gem. For another take on how to tackle it, check out my fellow bloggers:
Tanya from November Grey
Devon from Devon Rachel
Jen from Belle de Couture
Then head over to Devon's fabulous blog, to enter this contest!

Bonne Chance lovelies!


Noa B


  1. Lovely, funky, cool. Totally diggin' the 60's vibe. xx

  2. Oh, and GREAT SCORE. You have such a fabulous eye for picking out vintage!

  3. You gals look gorgeous, as always! And you do have a great eye for vintage.

  4. Should we tell the lovely ladies what these luxury pants cost?

  5. Do tell us! I've been to all your sites and I can't decide who does it better... I think you each had a fabulous point of view. Great fashion experiment, really enjoyed it!!