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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casual Wednesday, What I Wore

There are days when you think you'll never tire of a specific piece. You wear it over and over and love its familiarity. And other times, an item just outlives its usefulness in one capacity or another.
 But at SHS we think almost all clothes deserve a second chance at a second "fashion" life.
 Such was the case with this sweater Tanya wore, loved, and then grew a little sick of. But rather than discarding it, she decided the open webbing would look really!
So she cut down the center front to create a modern "cardi". (A simple alteration anyone can do at home)!

And here's how she rocked it when she arrived at our "sewing" date last week!
 How adorable is this webbed number worn open? It looks so good it seems like it was meant to be worn this way to begin with!
And it's even cuter now that it's open with the hood!!
But we'll take it either way! Cheers loves!
Happy chopping!

Sweater: Thrift
Jeans: Genetic Denim, re-sale
Belt: Vintage
Tee: Unknown boutique label
Wedges: Nine West


Noa B and Tanya D


  1. So cute with the hood! I've thought of hacking sweaters but am afraid of them unraveling..

  2. That can sometimes be the case.:) This sweater was perfect for cutting because it was knotted. You can cut your own without fear of unraveling by binding the open edges with a whipstitch by hand. Here's how:

  3. i kind of love that sweater :)