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Friday, July 15, 2011

1960's Vintage Dress & A Reason to Rock it!

I found this 1960's stunner several weeks ago. I died over the color and little floppy bow shoulders. It just screamed old school elegance with everything I look for in a modern dress at the same time.
It was just a tad too big. But seeing as though the dress only cost me around $6, I decided to splurge and have a tailor take it in. (Ms Noa B isn't always available at my every fashion whim. She does run a full time business as one of the top makeup artists in the industry...)
So I visited my other favorite seamstress, and about $20 later, we had a perfect fit.
I had every intention of wearing a big, woven vintage belt to go with my trusty Weitzman clogs and a favorite vintage tote...
But a quick stop at Out of the Closet, on my way to pick Noa up for a Red Cross Benefit we were attending (yes, I have a serious thrift addiction) had me swooping up my latest accessory obsessions - this koi fish belt and several vintage wooden bangles!
But back to the entire reason for rocking this dress... A Red Cross Relief for those devastated in the May tornadoes of Joplin, Missouri hosted by the Angus Mitchell Salon in Beverly Hills. 
And among the fabulously and perfectly coiffed masses that attended this fundraiser, Noa and I were delighted to be along side them.
Tanya Dempsey, Andrew E. Freedman, Noa Bolozky

For full story on this event and an interview with Angus Mitchell, head on over to November Grey, and check back in Monday morning for the full story on what Noa wore! 


Tanya D


  1. That belt is WICKED cool. Love the whole outfit. You look incredible!!

    Get Up & Go

  2. You ladies are HOTTTT! And I agree w/ Sarah above.. that belt is raddd! :)


  3. Agreed! Stunning dress and crazy good way of styling it into a modern look.

  4. Just wait til you see more on Noa's dress! Absolutely stunning!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. That dress. The belt. You look amazing!

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  6. Thanks, Jenn! So glad you stopped by! Off to check out your site...