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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Fling! Flowing silk

Just can't get enough... of the new flowing, female fabulousness of Spring! (Say that 5 times fast. I dare ya.)
Inspired by this bright mustard yellow Farragamo runway shot, I found an absolute dream of a skirt on the $1 rack. 100% silk in a dusty, lusty rose (Yes! Yes! YES!) 
I don't know about you guys, but there's something so very empowering about being ultra feminine. I'll use my wiles as I damn well please, thank you very much.  And the girlier, the better. 

When worn with a dramatic lace up, it's the perfect accessory just begging to peek out...
I topped it off with a redesigned red top that was previously a boxy suit jacket. 
And tested the waters with an afternoon west side wine tasting.
But I personally think this look is better suited to dance to the beat of my own latin love story. {Sigh}

Tanya D.

Skirt - Vintage via thrift
Top - Vintage redesign 
Belt - Thrift
Shoes - Charles David


  1. Um, ya'll have done it again... seriously sweatin' this look like whoa. It's FAB in every way. Love how you redesigned the boxy jacket to create an ultra fem and chic cropped top. And don't get me started on that rusty skit.. it's insane. I found a skirt very similar to this one, but in hot pink!! Yes, hot pink! I can't wait to feature it on the blog..

    Way to go yet again ladies... so inspiring.. I look forward to each and every post... keep on' wowin' me!! :D


  2. p.s. Tanya, you are a STUN-NER. Your gams are incredible. :)