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Monday, March 28, 2011

Shades of grey

It's been raining incessantly in Los Angeles for the past week. And while I do like the soft, California wet, my wardrobe has been crying out for a day without galoshes. Today the sun decided to oblige me and come out to play.

The glimmering, post-rainy weather inspired my gray, double silk, column dress. Purchased for $5 via thrift, I'd been waiting for a moment to slip on this luxuriously long sheath.
I found this amazing, vintage leather belt last month for $1.50. Because it was so ornate, I wanted to pair it with something fundamentally simple.
 The headband was another thrift item, (once again, a dollar splurge purchased this past weekend).
Hoops were all that this simple ensemble needed to polish it off.
I love the maxi length on this piece. Although it could be potentially more useful a couple of inches shorter, it's the extreme length that make it so lean and striking. Especially when paired with 3", neutral tone heels...
Sometimes you just have to make your own event.

Noa B.

Gray silk gown: via thrift
Vintage leather belt: thrift
Earrings: Boutique, Abbott Kinney
Heels: Steve Madden


  1. I love every single piece in this outfit. Real glamour.

  2. you totally rocked this dress and it's perfect for spring/summer i think! you can play this up with so many different colors or keep it more muted and elegant like you have in these photos! i would've passed this up at a thrift store i'm sure, you guys always give me such great inspiration and keep my creative mind open to so many more possibilities! you look beautiful!


  3. Absolutely gorgeous. You two make it look so easy.