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Friday, August 26, 2011

From XL mess to sassy vest

Wandering the throngs of the thrift aisles, Tanya came across this Structure, Men's sz XL vest. (If you don't know what "Structure" is - you're way too young. Express Men's used to be called Structure. And we remember this because we're not as young as you. So, shut up.
Anyway, even though it was huge, something about it struck a chord. The lovely Miss T works in home design for Calypso St Barts, and we marveled at how this $1 find reminded us of the beautiful, high end knits the company clothing counterpart is known for.
In order to rock this, the first thing needed was to take the armholes in. But we didn't want to lose the swingy feel of the vest by taking inches off each side-seam. Instead, we folded the sides over and stitched them into a pleat.
We then added two lengths of sparkly cord to create a gather in the back.We stitched them beneath the pleat to anchor them down. We also added a single, inverted dart in the back collar to keep the shoulders from slipping.
And Voila! A cute, wearable, swingy, jacket vest was born!
Tanya rocked it with her signature, sky-high heels, pencil skirt and a neutral tank.
We loved how it created a sophisticated boho effect. And how cute is the now truly unique back detailing?
Dangling beads and a loose bun completed one of our new favorite looks!
And that's how we make men's thrift into one of our new, fave trends for the upcoming fall. Seasonal, wearable, and layer-able vests!

Happy hunting for your own guy piece loves!


Noa B and Tanya D

Vest: Structure $1
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms
Necklace: Clothing Swap
Tank: H&M
Pencil skirt: Re-sale, via Crossroads Trading Co.


  1. Oh this one is good! The back is super cute.

  2. Ya'lls creativity just keeps on getting better and better! Another great DIY :)


  3. I love finding cheap things (maybe even XL-sized ! :D ) that can be turned into something wearable, like this. Lovin' the boho-effect, so cute - and great outfit inspiration too. ^^

    xx indie by heart