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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY: Bruised blazer to coral stunner

At a yard sale mission Ms. Tanya scored a beautiful, creamy white, designer blazer from Sisley. But as is sometimes the case, the jacket had some minor, (but still permanent) staining. There were beige and brown marks throughout the collar as well as the hem.
But the jacket was cotton, and natural fibers are always a great candidate for a dye bath!
She selected Rit Scarlet liquid dye (cuz she's fiery like that) and we threw both this blazer, (as well as a pair of cool but faded Frankie B jeans) into the washing cycle. (A note: to achieve a deeper color, use two bottles, or do not combine with other items. Our goal was too make a softer hue than the above shade so thinning out the dye was perfect)!

And the result!
A stunning, coral hued blazer for perfect, fall layering!
Tanya paired it with her favorite Genetic jeans and suede, grey pumps.
Such an easy little piece to throw over just about anything...
A little bronze jewelry completed the deal.
This color is such a knockout. Any skin tone can wear it too!
Next time you find a great item that just needs a little TLC, or something of your own that's been stained or darkened a bit, check the fabric content. If it's a natural fiber, you just might have yourself a great little number for some serious color renewal!


Noa B and Tanya D

Shoes: F21
Tanktop: H&M
Jeans: Genetic
Blazer: Yard sale giveaway (That means free, people.)

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  1. Looooove it! Does the intensity of the color depend on how long you leave it in as well?