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Monday, August 15, 2011

Perfection. No alteration needed.

Here at SHS, our biggest thrill is to show you how to take something that looks a little ridiculous in size or shape (see here and here) and make it into something stunning and unique! But sometimes we stumble upon items of such perfection, (and with no alteration needed) for such an incredible deal that we can't help but brag!

Case in point: A Moschino Cheap and Chic suit in the cherry blossom style of the late 90's/early 2000's, normally priced in the range of a grand. My price? $15!!
Here I am grinning with thrift fever because it seems to have been made for me.

Oh, did I mention our second favorite thrill? Making each other green with envy! (Not really, we share just about everything.) But I couldn't wait to do a little bragging to my styling partner and friend, Miss Tanya D on this one.... ready for it? Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard purse!! Retail value, $1,000.00. My cost? 10$!! And best of all, I can wear the two finds together!
So keep your eyes open for hidden little gems. And tune in this week to see more of our renovations, dollar finds, and projects for fall.

Happy hunting loves!


Noa B


  1. LOVE that Moschino blazer doll! Great find :)


  2. You guys (girlies) are just fabulous!!! Love these and that suit fits you like it was tailor made for you! I also love what you did with that huge blazer. It looks amazing now...and not "I think I can do something with this (shoulder shrug)" amazing but "This may be a closet favorite!" amazing! ~Serene