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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Secondhand Star + Model Shakedown Part 2

Here's round two of some of our favorite pics from the shoot. Our photographer, Karri Bowman has a way of capturing the very essence of what our designing and styling is all about.
{It really is all about mixing good shoes and designer pieces with unique ones!}

I'm wearing the redesigned vintage porter shorts (also seen here!) They are my most favorite redesign we've done. I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. I'm also rocking the redesigned gold lapel jacket (see Before & After here!)

Adrienne (below) just killed it in our designs. This gorgeous girl is a model and actress and took each piece to a whole new level by creating a "character" for each one. Noa and I are a bit obsessed with her.
Above, a twice redesigned Nautical Dress (see two other versions of it here!)

See what I mean about nailing it?
Remember when I wore this vintage orange dress here?  I love how Noa styled her in a much more Rock n' Roll way.

{I know we can barely see what Noa's wearing in this shot, but can we please talk about the amazing hair and muscle tone!? Yowza.}

And then there's Bramli... {sigh}
She took my "Pretty in Pink" dress (seen on November Grey here) and made is sultry and naughty somehow. {Maybe it's those eyes...}

It really is all in how you wear it, ladies! Hope you enjoyed the shots! As promised, we will be selling some of our designs, but more importantly, it's all about opening your mind to those all too often "looked over" pieces that can be tweaked and tamed into something amazing.

Remember, if you don't have the master sewing skills (like Miss Noa B) - all you have to find is a good tailor.  {A sultry stare and serious character motivation never hurts either!}

All my love, 

Tanya D xx

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