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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Style watch: Get Molly's Quinn's Look

This summer I had the pleasure of doing makeup for film and television actress Molly Quinn, star of the hit show, Castle. Molly is a big fan of vintage, mod, and mini-dresses, and I was delighted to see when she donned this little cocktail affair for a wedding, that it closely resembled one of our own Secondhand Star creations!
Being a fan of brocade and older fabrics, Molly had this adorable little number made for her, and actually purchased the material herself. (Don't all you DIY'ers just love her)?!

She managed to impress us not once, but twice in two days, donning a fabulous, toile printed cotton vest for a press event, which once again was home-made. This gal knows her way around a sewing machine! But we love her in the soft, brocaded satin she chose for this mod-inspired mini.

We think Molly's on to something. Here's our past take on a similar cut, fabric and color.
We thought the comparison was so apt, we wanted to show you how to achieve this look right here on SHS, here, and here! Check out our previous tutorial as we prepare to bring you more clothing makeovers in the weeks to come.


Noa B


  1. Great dress - it's perfect for her gorgeous red hair <3 (I love Castle!)))