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Monday, November 7, 2011

Costume coat and a beautiful gal to wear it!

This is Shiri G. She's a wonderful colorist, master hair cutter, and all around sweetie, but she also has some bad-ass taste in retro clothing, which is why we wanted to devote a blog to her unique style!
Tanya and I met Shiri several months ago and became fast friends. In fact, I ended up tailoring a pantsuit for my first meeting with her, which she rocked out at a summer wedding, looking oh-so-chic and stylish!
But a pantsuit was the least of it. Shiri showed me this amazing jacket she had picked up at a costume repository in the valley. Remember when we did the redesigned military for Tanya here? Well, we're obviously big fans of the look, so it took me about 2.2 seconds to get my creative juices flowing.
I wish I'd gotten a "before" shot, but you'll have to take my word for it when I say she's the baddest gal at 5'0" you'll ever see, but this jacket was made for someone at least a foot taller and possibly that much wider! In a nutshell, it was HUGE!
Though cut like a cavalry officer coat, it just screamed "Shiri'! So to make it fit properly I took in the sleeves, cuffs, waist, back, and ever the shoulder a bit, to create something a little more Michael Jackson and a little less Napoleon at Waterloo.
 And the result? A fabulous, cropped, number that ever the most petite rock & roller can wear!
And can we please give her an additional, Secondhand Star shout-out? Not only for being an amazing thrifter herself, but for also generously providing me and Ms. T with the most radiantly beautiful hair color and cut we've both had in years! We love you Shiri G! So hurry over to November Grey today to find out how you can get a major hook-up with Shiri if you're in the LA area, and also to enter to win some haircare product from WEN at Chaz Dean Studio! If you find your way into her capable hands, you won't be sorry!
Noa B

Jacket: Warner brothers costume house thrift score
Hair color: Shiri at Chaz Dean Studio


  1. Love you shiri!! Girls, click here to win some WEN hair care product and an awesome deal code for cut and color if you live in the LA area. xx

  2. Love that jacket! Amazing! :)

    Your hair looks lovely, Noa... lookin' super gorg!