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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From checks to Sexed!

This fall I came across a pantsuit I can only dub, "extra's wardrobe". To put it another way, this pique cotton, twin set looked like something the 60's era ladies on the block would've worn in a Tim Burton movie. Can't you picture this number with a bouffant and a cigarette in hand?
However, I'm a sucker for good fabric. There's something really cute about the matching set and the colors. It's so creamy and fall ready. It just needs major renovation. I held onto this baby until Tanya and I had a chance to meet. As you can see, it's a little big. But big means there's lots of room to work and play with the fabric!
The color is really perfect for her porcelain skin and rich hair color. Plus, the pants, (while short on me, were just about perfect on her frame as far as the inseam).

My original idea was to make the pants into high waist-ed shorts, and create a streamlined, lengthy vest in keeping with fall trends. (A look we've both come to adore this season). But then "T" put it on, and she had an ever better idea that was much more wintery and cozy! So we started working on shortening up the vest significantly.
 There was a lot of nipping and tucking. We pinned it more than halfway up the length.
And we grabbed the back of the pants through the crotch and pulled in about 6 inches! But the main idea was to keep the pants long, lean, and high around the waist. Then the big change would be to create a cropped jacket and make this a winter, wonderland suit! Less Edward Scissorhands, more Madmen...
So I got to work. After taking in the pants, I hacked the entire bottom half of the vest off.
 I serged the seams and took in the back just a tad. 
Then I hand placed a row of pearl buttoned snaps to keep the "vintage flavor". This is something you don't need a grommet machine to do at home. You can purchase the snaps in various sizes and color, and you only need to employ plyers and a hammer to get them inserted.
 Like so!
The final touch was to hem around the bottom and pop in our new, SHS labels!

Tune in tomorrow to see the results and how "T" styled it!


Noa B

Pantsuit: Out of the Closet, Vintage. 1$

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