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Monday, December 5, 2011

From prissy to Pucci: Before and After

Hi Friends,

We're back from our holiday, Etsy promotion, and revving up for holiday renovations...

Like this little number! I've always liked the look of bright, brash prints, (even though my own wardrobe has a tendency towards the more "demure" tones.) But when I found this adorable dress at Out of the Closet for 9$, I knew there was a little gem waiting to be born.
I tried it on and found it roomy in the waist, and a bit too old fashioned in both the hem and sleeve length. But there was definitely something cute and fresh and totally salvageable about this number.
My goal was to convert this from a semi-house dress with a rad pattern, to a fun, Pucci-inspired, mini dress.
 I shortened the hem by about 8 inches and took up the sleeve from a frumpy 1/4 length to a petite cap. (As seen pinned above). Lastly, I took in the waist from the back by a good three inches or so.

And here's the result. A little less mumu, and little more rock n' roll!

A little sixties-love, a little spiked heel, and Voila! Now, what's your holiday inspiration?


Noa B

Vintage Hat: Regeneration, Detroit
Spike heels: NYLA
Studded Belt: Zara
Dress: Out of the Closet, Vintage


  1. I love what you guys are doing!!!!
    I bought your disco dress and will wear it to a company holiday party. Can't wait!!!!
    Keep doing this!! You are great inspiration!

  2. Thanks for your comment Ola. I'm thrilled that you love your "disco" frock as much as I loved making it! Please feel free to send us a picture of you rocking it to your holiday best!